Hear what people are saying about their experience with Andi Tilmann and TriUnity Consulting...

"A class act who knows her business well, and returns calls quickly... always ready with a good idea or a sound solution to any dilemma.

She is the principle reason we had the most successful capital campaign in the history of St. John's."

—Jay Townsend, Former Senior Warden & Capital Campaign Chairman,

St John's Episcopal Church, Cornwall, NY


"Andi brought us a well thought out plan, organizational tools, and calm, assured and spiritual support that were crucial to our success.

Her years of experience in collaborating with churches provide her with a wealth of knowledge to share.

We have found her to be readily available by telephone or email to answer follow-up questions."

—Carol Cauley, Capital Campaign Co-Chair, Leadership Council

Bruce Cauley, Finance Committee Chair, Campaign Co-Chair


"We have just exceeded the goal of $1,000,000... This is a great accomplishment for our church and I know we could not have done it without your guidance...

In addition to many valuable insights you continuously kept me on track as well as encouraged.

[You have been] helpful in helping us organize and coordinate a highly successful capital campaign at The Church of the Good Shepherd...

Foremost, [you] assured me throughout the entire process that it would be a successful campaign...

[You] maintained a very strict timeline and I was particularly appreciative of the fact that it was not a prolonged campaign and that it was accomplished in the 3–4 month period.

I would highly recommend [you] to any church as I think [you] would absolutely provide the necessary guidance so as to accomplish a successful campaign."

—Richard Thomas, Jr., CLU, ChFC

Campaign Co-Chair, Church of the Good Shepherd, Baltimore, MD


"My church's lay leadership and I as pastor have been most pleased with TriUnity Consulting's work with us...

Ms. Tilmann brought to us a very helpful discernment process, as well as an objective and skilled appraisal of our particular situation...

Even in the current uncertain economic environment, Ms. Tilmann has skillfully assisted and encouraged us... she has capably led our team.

I have appreciated Ms. Tilmann's ready accessibility, her ease in teaching concepts of Christian stewardship to my leadership, and her facility with a process that has led us steadily toward our goal.

She brings presentation skills as well as a depth of experience in working with churches.

I find that she is honest, direct and positive. I commend her to you as a valuable and helpful resource in a challenging financial environment."

—Richard E, Allen, Jr.

Pastor, Mamaroneck United Methodist Church


"When I first considered leading my church through a capital campaign, I was very worried... There was a lot riding on our success... Andi Tilmann almost immediately set my mind at ease.

Andi assured me that asking for information from our congregation in the initial phase made the rest very easy and straightforward. This proved very much to be the case.

Andi quickly gained the confidence our committee... with her step by step approach...

...With her invaluable experience with the process, our campaign exceeded our goal along with everyone's expectations. She's a real pro."

—Douglas Saxton

Bishop's Committee, Holy Apostles Episcopal Church, Parachute, CO


"...Regarding our capital campaign, a guy from another church who had just done the same thing said "George, don't try to do it alone. Get professional help."

As we approached a capital campaign, we interviewed 5 consultant firms... Andi Tilmann blew the socks off of the others... we voted, unanimously, to engage her.

We followed her advice from her experience. We organized as she even directed a 4th year separate push following the typical 3-year campaign...

Andi was literally by our side when necesssary and always contactable when we had urgent questions.  Looking back, I can say that she always had ideas and suggestions [and] we raised much, much more than any consultant projected from the excited and wonderful members of St. Christopher's.

Andi's concepts are now improving our stewardship and planned giving ministries."

—George Olmstead, Vestry & Campaign Co-Chair

St Christopher's Episcopal Church, Chatham, MA


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