TriUnity guides spiritual communities through three simple steps to Inform, Inquire, and Invite members to fully participate in a successful and uplifting fundraising experience.


TriUnity stresses the importance of conducting a thorough Information Phase, followed by a formal Inquiry Study, prior to conducting a capital campaign.

The Information Phase involves both determining and communicating your proposed plans, while creating the opportunity for valued input from your entire membership, early on. The Information Phase is necessary for a meaningful feasibility study, and provides the foundation for a successful future campaign. When a majority of your members are aware of all needs and possible plans, it is time to move on to an Inquiry Study.


The Inquiry Study is a formal feasibility study, offering all members of your community the opportunity to share their opinions about the proposed campaign, confidentially. A TriUnity consultant will personally interview approximately 10% of your pledging membership and "opinion-makers" on-site, then immediately send identical study materials to everyone else via direct mail and/or electronic survey.

By following our method and obtaining a 30% response rate, Tri-Unity can predict campaign goals within 10% of what can actually be raised, 90% of the time. This accurate determination of the current fiscal capability of your community is crucial to determining whether or not a capital campaign is feasible as proposed.

Our in-depth Inquiry Study Report will also determine the current fiscal capability of your community, identify the projects of highest priority to members, indicate the best timing for conducting a campaign, reveal communication issues that need to be addressed, assess volunteer availability, and cull interest in Planned Giving, setting you up for success before you ask.


When the Information Phase and Inquiry Study have been conducted well, a capital campaign is simply an organized and celebratory Invitation for people to participate by joyfully and spiritually offering their personal gifts of time, talent and treasure in fellowship, while experiencing an enhanced sense of community and renewed vision.

TriUnity will guide and train leadership and volunteers in the planning and structure of a well-paced campaign, discreet and compassionate donor evaluation, effective communication strategy, and an initial one-on-one solicitation phase to get a good start toward your goal. A public kick-off event celebrating your initial success is then followed by a series of creative pledge commitment events, in an atmosphere of fellowship and celebration. We focus strongly on using the campaign effort to build a sense of community and involvement. We encourage very high levels of participation, compelling spiritual emphasis, and a focus on the timely and meaningful expression of gratitude for every gift received.

TriUnity also provides guidance for activities, communication, and administration throughout the 3–5 year campaign pledge period to minimize attrition. We continue to guide you in making use of the stewardship skills and lay leadership developed throughout the campaign effort to enhance your community's annual giving and vitality well beyond the campaign years.

More than a capital campaign. Because TriUnity believes that all three avenues of philanthropy must be addressed for a spiritual community to thrive, Planned Giving and Annual Stewardship services are included in our Capital Campaign management fee. We have found that this holistic approach often results in increased annual stewardship during the campaign years, and well into the future.

Who does the work? TriUnity's fundraising method is volunteer-led. While we provide experienced counsel, training, timetables, material, and spiritual support and guidance through every phase, your members do the work. Experience tells us that this "teach a man to fish" approach enhances the overall sense of community and ownership, as well as establishing lay leadership and stewardship skills that serve for years beyond the campaign effort.

How much will it cost? TriUnity Consulting fees are determined on a sliding scale based on the client's operating budget. And, we offer separate contracts for every phase of our method, allowing us to provide a perfect fit for every client.

All TriUnity Consulting fee packages include consultant travel and expenses and award-winning professional design and production of campaign printed materials.

Contact us, and we will be pleased to personally discuss your community's specific situation and needs and estimated costs.


ASK ANDITriUnity founder Andi Tilmann has a passion for helping loving spiritual communities of all kinds to thrive. If you have any questions about your community's fundraising journey—or TriUnity's services—please ask your question here and Andi will share a little wisdom from her years of experience.