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TriUnity Consulting specializes in guiding spiritual communities through three simple steps to successfully raise funds to support their current and future needs. We place a strong emphasis on strengthening community through the opportunities that fundraising presents.



Andi Tilmann




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Value Statement

TriUnity serves spiritual communities of all kinds and sizes. TriUnity founder Andi Tilmann has served clients throughout the nation to envision future growth, initiate new programs, expand facilities, build endowment, and put ministries on a sound financial footing. Learn more here.

TriUnity services include: Capital Campaign Management, Feasibility Studies, Facilitated Vision and Planning Sessions, Targeted Communication Strategy, Planned Giving, Annual Giving, Fundraising Classes, Seminars, and Speaking Engagements. Learn more here.

Fees are determined on a sliding scale based on the client's operating budget. We offer separate contracts for every phase of our method and affordable, inclusive packages—providing a perfect fit for each client. Our fees include travel and expenses as well as custom design and printing of campaign materials.

Tri-Unity celebrates the sacred diversity of Divine, the perfection of the individual human heart, and the experience of inclusive, loving spiritual community.