Our consultants bring both focus and heart to your fundraising efforts—training and encouraging volunteers, setting key dates, and seeing that objectives are met every step of the way.

"You Are Here" Sessions

TriUnity provides a road map to success for your community's fundraising adventure. But even with a good map and a clear destination, you need a starting point to get going. TriUnity offers initial sessions ranging from conference calls to day-long retreats to assess where your community stands along the road to successful fundraising.

Information Phase

The Information Phase involves both determining and communicating your needs and plans, while creating the opportunity for valued input from your entire membership. TriUnity will help you assess needs, projects and costs, develop an effective communication strategy, and create the necessary committees and timelines to effectively involve your membership right from the start.

Inquiry Study

The Inquiry Study is a formal, in-depth feasibility study offering all members of your community and meaningful others the opportunity to share their opinions and indicate their level of support for a proposed campaign, confidentially.

Our Inquiry Study Report will accurately determine the current fiscal capability of your community, identify the projects of highest priority to members, indicate the best timing for conducting a campaign, reveal communication issues that need to be addressed, assess volunteer availability, and cull interest in Planned Giving, setting you up for success before you ask.

Invitation Phase

When the Information Phase and Inquiry Study have been conducted well, a capital campaign is simply an organized and celebratory Invitation for people to participate by joyfully offering their personal gifts of time, talent and treasure, in fellowship.

TriUnity will lead and train volunteers through an organized and well-paced campaign process to receive gifts and pledges for your plans, while offering members an enhanced sense of community involvement, spirituality, and renewed vision.

Annual Giving

TriUnity's approach to Annual Giving encourages a ministry-based narrative budget, communication and solicitation focused on the distinct levels of commitment within your membership, and follow up with organized and timely gratitude—all delivered with a strong and compelling spiritual message appropriate to your community culture and vision.

Planned Giving

Whatever the avenues available to your organization for facilitating planned gifts, it is the job of individual communities to foster active programs to encourage legacy gifts. We strongly believe that a lively planned giving program is crucial to both your members and your mission.

TriUnity can provide an outline for sound policy to receive, distribute and manage legacy gifts and endowments, manageable timelines and tasks to develop an effective planned giving program, tips for forming or enhancing a Legacy Society, and a basic understanding of the various planned giving vehicles available.


ASK ANDITriUnity founder Andi Tilmann has a passion for helping loving spiritual communities of all kinds to thrive. If you have any questions about your community's fundraising journey—or TriUnity's services—please ask your question here and Andi will share a little wisdom from her years of experience.