We believe spiritual communities flourish in an environment of good listening and communication, a high level of involvement, authentic spirituality, and recognition of individual strengths.

Founder and director of TriUnity Consulting, Andi Tilmann began her fundraising career in 2002, consulting for church and community capital campaigns of all sizes across the country with the Pennsylvania-based firm Holliman Associates, Inc.

Later, while working for the Episcopal Church Foundation, she played a major role in developing a Diocesan Partnership Program, and she devised a specialized package to professionally serve very small churches affordably, which later inspired the TriUnity Micro Campaign packages (downloadable .pdf). She has also delivered sermons on her philosophy of community and giving.

To widen the delivery of her unique methods and vision for fundraising through community building, Andi founded TriUnity Consulting in 2007.

She is currently an instructor at the Duke University Nonprofit Management Program, and is the consulting firm recommended by the Stewardship Foundation of the Susquehanna United Methodist Conference.

In partnership with the United Methodist Foundation of North Carolina, she developed the Ways to Means initiative to forge educational and service partnerships between all three avenues of faith-based fundraising: Annual Stewardship, Capital Campaigns, and Planned Giving.

Andi brings deep spiritual commitment, innovative professionalism, and a passion for building vibrant communities to her work.

ASK ANDITriUnity founder Andi Tilmann has a passion for helping loving spiritual communities of all kinds to thrive. If you have any questions about your community's fundraising journey—or TriUnity's services—please ask your question here and Andi will share a little wisdom from her years of experience.